About Us

Your Home Our Passion

Every home visually reflects the personalities, the culture, the traditions, and the values of the people living in it, and we at Casa Kriti believe in decorating each and every home keeping in mind the same.

“Casa” which means Home in Spanish and “Kriti” a Sanskrit originated word meaning Creation, these two words combined, give us our motto of decorating your Homes with the homegrown Indian art. Casa Kriti brings to you Home Decor products manufactured by Indian craftsmen from all over India.

Casa Kriti hosts a range of contemporary, creative and premium,   Home Decor solutions to style every corner of your Home at very affordable prices. The elegant fusion between Traditional Indian crafts and Modern sophistication makes each product at Casa Kriti unique.

Casa Kriti was found based on the idea of preserving the Indian art and its artisans. All our products are made by the Indian artisans who are masters in their respective skills and we are finding such artisans from villages, small towns, and even from metros and letting them put their skills to its full potential. This not only provides them with a good source of income but also the satisfaction that their skill is still valued.

Today most of the Home Decor products sold in India are being imported from countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and many more. All these products are machine made, expensive, and lack quality and longevity. However all the products at Casa Kriti are completely Made in India using the finest quality of raw materials and all the products are only sold in India.


Our Core Values

  • We believe in craftsmanship, attention to detail and are determined to deliver best-in-class quality at the most affordable prices.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main focus. We strive for exceptional customer service.
  • Teamwork will always be the foundation of  what all we are about to achieve.